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Our Difference

We have been organising Special Occasion Trips for a long time

Expect crafted breaks that create the very best memory to mark your significant milestone

Weekend a La Carte has been offering Special Occasion Trips for 15 years now. The inspiration came from the owner Kevin’s in-laws who took their family away to celebrate significant milestones in their lives. It felt the perfect way to mark a significant life moment with an equally memorable experience. Hence our rationale that “ A Unique Occasion deserves a Unique Experience”.

Throughout the years we have honed and crafted the breaks to ensure every moment runs perfectly and that you have the most wonderful experience. We understand how important this break is to you as for many it is marking and celebrating a special occasion such as a proposal, retirement, anniversary, birthday or honeymoon. It’s important that there is no stress or that things don’t go wrong and as many of the breaks are short breaks it is all the more important that every day is special. We also know that the little things matter as well. Detail is everything!


We Give you Impartial Advice

Expect expert knowledgeable advice tailored to your requirements

We have a policy at the company that we don’t “sell” and that instead we advise. You will not find the hard sales pitch that you come across in other companies. We want to share our knowledge with you to help you make the right decision. We know many of you are celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday or an anniversary and we understand how important it is to you for it to be perfect.

We will therefore be honest and open about the suitability of a break, the best time to go and now to tailor it to suit your requirements.

We want happy clients so it is in our interest to advise you right!


We look after you from time of booking to when you return

Expect unrivalled customer service and support.

We try our upmost to ensure that there are no problems, and 14 years of offering these destinations has ironed out the little stumbles along the way. However sometimes events beyond our control affect your trip. This could be a cancelled flight, a Volcanic eruption or very severe weather for example. We track every single clients international flights so we often know about any flight problems before you do. We also provide a 24 hours emergency number so you can contact us at any time whilst you are travelling so we can help work through the options with you.


What makes us different ?

Expect the personal touch from people who really care about your trip.

We are a small personal family run business and we like to work with similar minded family run partners in the destinations. Indeed we now count many of our partners as friends and have met many of their families and played with their children.

Your activities will have a very personal feel with local passionate guides giving you local insights. On many of our breaks you will have a private guide and transfers where the guide can adapt to your pace and interest. For those breaks which contain group activities these will be in small groups, which is in sharp contrast to many other companies who do coach package tours. Packages tours just isn’t the special experience you are looking for. Travelling with us you will be treated as an individual throughout!

Returning clients play back to us again and again the exceptional quality of our guides, how much smaller and intimate are tours are compared to others, and how this “makes” the trip something rather special.

We know due to our knowledge of the destinations and the strength of our relationships with our partners your activities are often in areas away from the crowds offering unique experiences that others just cannot offer. Where the crowds cannot be avoided as they are at key sites your local guide will look to time it to miss the worst of them so that you can enjoy the site in full.

We have personally been to the destinations and know what we are recommending. We want to exceed your expectations.

Finally we understand the little things matter, and we don’t take our eye of the ball in terms of that. It may be something as little as making sure our partners know it’s your birthday so they can wish you happy birthday, and make sure that they make you feel special. We have helped countless clients celebrate a big birthday or wedding anniversary and deliver that lifelong memory.


Our Guarantee

We Protect your holiday

We are fully accredited and 100% compliant with ATOL.

Weekend a la Carte Ltd is an ATOL bonded travel operator, ATOL NO: 6578. This is a bonded licence with the Civil Aviation Authority, and protects your flight inclusive package (with a UK departure) if a tour operator goes out of business. To reassure you though we have been in business for 14 years now and have grown steadily year on year and have a very stable business.

We are a family run business who care passionately about your break, and understand that in many cases this is marking a special occasion. Kevin and Abigail Collins run the business and always go out of their way to ensure that your break goes ahead despite any unexpected travel disruptions.


Your Holiday Price is Guaranteed

What you see is what you get!

As we tailor make our breaks we will send you an individual quote at time of enquiry. We will give you the best price we can on a daily basis based on currency movement and flight costs. This quote is valid for 48 hours to give you time to decide.

Once your booking is confirmed we give you our guarantee that we will not increase the price due to future tax, currency or oil price fluctuations*. Many of you are booking a year in advance and we think it is important to reassure you on that there will be no unexpected extra costs you were not aware of.

(*Please note Safari bookings come under the Big 5 Safari Company Terms and Conditions which differ).


We will Match anyone who sells the same break for less

Honest unbeatable quality and pricing.

We will be surprised if you can find the same breaks elsewhere as we have developed unique bespoke breaks.

We are also confident you would not be able to arrange the same quality of holidays at the same experience level, or cheaper, by going direct.

In the unlikely event you think you have found someone else selling the same break at the same quality then we would be happy to review it, and will match their price if it is a like for like break.


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We guarantee your information will not be shared
with others. If at any stage you would like to cancel this then please e-mail info@weekendalacarte.co.uk informing us and we will remove your details from our database.